Where Will Puerto Rico Be a Year or Two from Now?

It’s difficult to ascertain Puerto Rico’s future due to the political climate in Washington, D.C. Following the devastating effects of hurricane Maria, and the challenge that a major political change always confronts, there are many uncertainties ahead of us. However, given my research there are two primary possibilities:

1. Puerto Rico could be admitted as the 51st state of the United States, which would provide more hope for the Americans that live on the Island. As a state, Puerto Rico would have ample voting representation in Congress, would be able to vote for the President, we would finally be treated equally in all federal programs that would greatly help to reconstruct and build back better damaged areas on the island, and the employment rates of our residents would increase. All of these positive changes would lead to economic growth, and more importantly a society where finally American democratic values are upheld. Instead of being in a constant state of crisis, Puerto Rico would be improving and on its way to a sustainable statehood.

2. If Puerto Rico does not become a state, the future, in my opinion, looks bleak. With a poor economy and low single digit support from our local residents for independence, people from the island will continue to move to the mainland looking for better opportunities for themselves. As people move away, the depths of the economic crisis on the island will continue to grow because, as the tax payer base erodes and residential property values decrease, so will the attention on Puerto Rico, and its plight itself.

All Americans, from sea to shining sea, must advocate together for Puerto Rico to be admitted as the 51st state of the Union, so that our nation continues to build on the promise to create a “more perfect union”.