Instagram kills photography of Japan (Maybe the world, too)

In Japan, where I live in, the most popular photo sharing service is Instagram. It’s not surprising because Instagram is eating the world. Domination is happing all over the world. There were many other photo sharing services in Japan. But right now, everyone seems to forget about them.

Especially young people love to use Instagram. They shoot fancy, cute photos. They share the photo. And they do “like” the photo. Nothing special. Again, it is happing all over the world.

Instagram was grown fast, and it is still growing so fast. Photos are being uploaded every seconds, and disposed if it wouldn’t get any attention in the community.

What kind of photo is attractive? All Instagrammers are facing this theme. It is big issue for them.

There is no clear answer how to shoot attractive photo. Because of that, they try to imitate attractive photos that they saw in Instagram. They shoot photogenic foods, cats, and themselves. Future photographers are doing same thing.

My concern is there is no alternative for Instagram. Maybe Instagram is not evil. But Instagram is making photos expendable. It is okay for most of all people. Photos for people is just a memory for them. But for photographers, that’s a big problem.

A photo which can be called an art should be preserved. Must not to be treated like expendable.

Sometimes I browse foreign(I mean the service not based in Japan) photo sharing services except Instagram, I can find some good ones. They have many wonderful professional photos. People giving honest comments, not just tapping “Like” button. There are so many inspirations of art.

There were photo sharing services in Japan, and still now. But the users in those services are confirmed people who like to shoot something as their hobby. Young person wouldn’t be like them, unfortunately.

Honestly I don’t like a photos that can be seen in timeline. That’s a one piece of mass-production. I can’t understand why they imitate advertisement photos such like portrait, a standing beautiful woman staring at void, or a photogenic pancakes. We can see those kind of photos in commuting train every day. Not necessary to see in my Instagram timeline.

I don’t say all photos should be artistic. But shooting “beautiful” photo is not only truth. I just want to say “Hey, see the photo as many as you can, do not to be satisfied shooting mass-production photo”. Sadly there is few place to see art photos in Japan.

Maybe photography is changing. My favorite photographer may be changing. My future loving photographer is different from usual. Instagram would be a only place to see photos.

That’s sad for me.

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