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Flama Ecosystem is a platform for building dApps with enhanced features like staking. On the other hand, Flapp is the utility token used to pay the protocol fees.

In this way, these enhancements give us the ability to create innovative features like Inverse Lending. So, one of the requirements to be able to enjoy the Flama Network and DeFi functions such as the Staking Platform, among others, will be to buy the token.

FMA token is deflationary. In this case, 3% of the total transaction is burned, 1% will go to the stakers and the remaining 2% disappears.

Once we have a FMA in our wallet, we follow this…

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In just a few days, Alejandro Regojo will be explaining the benefits of using Binance Smart Chain (BSC) and the key implications for DEFI and Flama developments.

As you probably know, Alejandro Regojo (Regox) is our project Advisor. You can check more about him here.

During the Webinar, Alejandro will explain (in Spanish) the last takes on the Binance Smart Chain and its implications for DEFI traders and developers. As we know, Binance, the most valued Centralized Exchange, is working to give DEFI investors and traders a new milestone. …

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Flama’s core developers are proud to announce Flapp Dapps are opening its doors to the Binance Smart Chain (BSC) ecosystem!

Flama’s Developer Community has been dealing with the responsibility of finding a scalable solution for their ongoing developments. To materialize the vision of the Flama project and its FLAPP Defi Dapps, we needed a faster and cheaper Blockchain.

Ethereum’s current gas price makes it difficult to process microtransactions (in-dapp micropayments) which are the base of our Decentralized Applications. Ethereum’s high fees and slow transaction speed are an obstacle for our dapps.

After researching a considerable amount of options, we have found Binance Smart Chain’s compatibility with Ethereum Virtual Machine makes it an ideal option for developers building powerful decentralized applications. That’s why we will start building on the Binance Smart Chain. BSC was designed to ensure Dapps could scale while still running on a high-performance layer. …

Lending platforms offer the possibility to borrow a percentage of your holdings by depositing an amount of coins and they charge an interest for that.
There are some coins/tokens which offer staking, that means you get more coins by simply holding them.
We are building a protocol that will allow borrowers to pay negative interest on their loans.

How can we achieve that? Let’s see that with an example:

Current methods:

Alice deposits 100 coins in a platform to borrow 50 USD with a 5% interest rate.
After 1 year, Alice will have to deposit back the amount borrowed (50 USD) + 5% (2.5 USD) = 52.5 USD in order to claim back her 100 coins.
With current borrowing methods, Alice pays 0.525 USD (= 52.5/100) …


Flama Team

Flama is The first deflationary token on the market, ready to build decentralized #DEFI & #Utility dapps with enhanced features like staking.

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