A Penny for your Soul
Jonathan Carroll

I’ve taken advantage of those Amazon 1-cent books (plus $4.99 postage).

Now here’s my 2 cents about a 3-cent investment…
A couple of years ago on a visit to the Berkshires in Massachusetts, my husband and I stumbled upon an exhibit of A Humument at Mass MOCA that blew me away.

In 1966, British artist Tom Phillips challenged himself to find a book at a flea market for the purpose of altering it to render a work of art. Phillips found an ancient Victorian volume, A Human Document by W.H. Mallock. Page by page, working only with the paper and printed words of the book, he created an astonishing collection of poems, paintings and collage. The result, A Humument, was printed by the Tetrad press in 1973.

Already a highly prolific artist, Phillips continues to revise this work today.
There’s a Humument flash drive, and an app with an interactive element. There’s even been a contest to design a “Humument page.”
Three cents!