Yes, you can leave the North America bubble
David Kadavy

One of my favorite childhood reads by Miroslav Sasek

I was born in Boston (so maybe I’m a “State-ster”?), but ever since I was a child I wanted to explore the world, particularly the capital cities of Europe. It wouldn’t be until the spring of my junior year in college that I had the opportunity to live in England for a few months (London, then a town in the West Midlands, and finally Oxford). It was thrilling to be immersed in such rich history, and novel culture and traditions. Over the next 30 or so years I’ve managed to visit a number of nations, and though I’ve always yearned to be fluent in French, life has yet to present an opportunity for me to move to France. That said, I raised my two children to expand their horizons, and managed to take them to Paris 10 years ago. It was the best trip we ever had. My daughter, who just graduated from college, will be living in Germany for a year starting this fall. Her intention is to become fluent in German (adding to her French, Latin, and Ancient Greek) before she returns here to get a PhD in comparative literature. We both know that in her travels she may find someplace she loves better than here. I know I’d miss her, but I’d never stand in the way of anyone looking for a better place to call home, wherever it may be. Speaking of which, my husband (who’s Canadian) and I are relocating next spring. We’ve been in NJ for many years, but it’s never felt like home, so, short of fleeing the nation entirely, we’re moving to Portland, OR. We like the weather, we like the people, and we like the loopy, entrepreneurial, come-as-you-are culture. And we love the food. In the meantime, my daughter found me a great app called Duolingo, and my French is really coming along!

Thank you so much for a great article, and here’s to all of us following our North star.