Good day, FLUX community.

First of all, we would like to pay attention and once again show our deep respect to all supporters in our community. We appreciate your kind words and listen to your opinion. Here you go with answers to most asked questions:

When new exchange/lambo/moon?

FLUX team apologies for a cases regarding exchange topic that could be called misleading ones as some of our statements were our predictions that were depending not only on our side.

We do have several important strategic partners that suits us, and will be released once we will be ready to go further with them…

Greetings, dear Community!

As you may probably notice, FLUX turned on to a stage of project reconsidering in a strategic way, and now we are going to disclose what is going on, how we are going to evolve FLUX into the next stage and what are our future plans.

AMA Session

First of all, we see that you may have a lot of questions up to date, and that’s why we would love to provide two AMA events. The first one will be held in a text mode, feel free to leave any of your questions here:

We will collect all…

Dear FLUX community!

Finally we are releasing our current roadmap for 2019 year with several important updates! All our actions are divided into 3 main categories, Token Updates, Product Development, Platform Updates.

Product Development stands for all modules and functions of FLUX and their current states. Reminding, you could already use our platform and make money via as well as enjoy skill based matchmaking system and comfortable play with stable servers.

Our next steps regarding this category will be as follows:

Several new payment methods are being added right now, so deposits and withdrawals will be fully working; We…

Dear FLUX community!

Finally, we are releasing a quick digest of 2018 year!

This year was full of actions for FLUX and contains a lot of important progress steps. First of all, we have completed our TGE and reached our soft cap, which means we were able to start development!

  • We have released our Beta Desktop version
  • We have test drived the traction and started attracting users
  • We have connected fiat and crypto processing systems for our users
  • We have gained total of more than a million people impressions for our brand awareness
  • We have started mobile app development
  • We…

Dear community, we are glad to inform you that new update is live now!

We have eliminated some bugs of the game client and fixed several processes. The main key point of this update is a withdrawal method!
Currently, users are able to withdraw their tokens to ERC-20 wallets from FLUX account.

Dear community.

The situation on the cryptocurrency market and necessary product updates being done regularly are considered by FLUX team to be a good chance to move toward listings.
At the moment, we have made some progress in the development of our product to support our token price and want to inform you that we consider FLUX to be listed on next exchanges in the period of December-February:

-Next Exchange

After we will analyze the volumes, the dynamics of our token during the first stage of listing we will initiate the second stage of…

We’re glad to inform you that we have assembled our Dota and Counter-Strike teams.
Soon you will see the performance of our teams on qualifications, as well as FLUX teams’ media materials.

  • The development of FLUX has touched the client, it has been updated to the version “5.1.4,”
    Information about update soon
  • During this week FLUX will announce the date of tokens, Bounty and Airdrop
  • In total, over 600 new users came to FLUX in October and played over 900 games.
  • Also, until November 20, FLUX fully realizes the ability to output tokens.
  • FLUX has already entered into contracts with major exchanges. December 1, we announce their names and tentative listing time.
  • FLUX Autumn advertising campaign indicates a super rapid development: 1 new user costs us less than $ 2

We are going to announce more news, you have been waiting for this month, so stay tuned!

Dear community, October has just begun, and we already have a lot of news for you!

During this week, as we promised we have connected processing and updated!
New features:
-brand new design
-UX reconsidered
-deposit button added
-processing system implemented

As it was said previously, withdraw will be available in next few updates.

Register and play now!

Also, during October we will inform you about lots of updates starting with the closest:

-15 October will be the day when we will tell you the date of Airdrop and bounty payment to wallets of those who didn’t receive yet…

Dear FLUX community.

It’s been a while since we made a last digest, well, we have some news! The team experienced corporate changes and some of contractors and employees were replaced, though we never stopped the development, so here you go with some quick digest:

Product development:

  1. We are here with the fiat-crypto processing implemented and you are able to make deposits and play on FLUX at
  2. Currently tokens are being withdrawn manually. We will add automated token withdrawal within a week, and Visa/MC withdrawal within 1.5 months.
  3. Since now minimal deposit is 30 EUR we postponed the marketing…

We have made already begun testing processing. How it will look like? You will be able to make deposit through website with your credit and debit card and your currency will be immediately converted in FLUX tokens to play a game. The same will happen during withdraw, but in opposite way. We are using a liquidity providers to ensure that we will always be able to make the exchange.
During approximately 10 days we will launch open BETA version and will open up new community channels, as well we will reward bug hunters with additional coins! …


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