FLUX 2018 digest

Dear FLUX community!

Finally, we are releasing a quick digest of 2018 year!

This year was full of actions for FLUX and contains a lot of important progress steps. First of all, we have completed our TGE and reached our soft cap, which means we were able to start development!

  • We have released our Beta Desktop version
  • We have test drived the traction and started attracting users
  • We have connected fiat and crypto processing systems for our users
  • We have gained total of more than a million people impressions for our brand awareness
  • We have started mobile app development
  • We have concepted our first own games
  • We have invested in a new game that will appear on FLUX and soon we will share the information with you
  • We have attracted strong crypto partners and expanded our gaming industry networking

Some numbers:

  • We have visited 12 conferences
  • We have attracted first 3000 users in Beta version
  • We have registered more than 5000 testers in our early MVP
  • We have made our group the biggest crypto gaming group with 50000+ users on it’s peak
  • We have tracked down an average of 1.3$ CAC in our desktop version

2018 was indeed a good year for FLUX and we believe that this year will become far more successful!

Indeed, it was also a hard year, we have seen lots of crypto market stress situations, we have met a lot of fraud attempts regarding our project. However, FLUX team is as optimistic as it is possible and we are absolutely sure that it is the most important nowadays.

Within 3 days we will post and updated roadmap with nearest development plans and media activities, some minor concept upgrades and general intentions of the team, so stay tuned!

FLUX team appreciates all our supporters and feels thankfully for what they are doing.

Let’s make 2019 the great year together!