Rostrum Records — Helping Recording Artist Rockie Fresh Learn his Fans and Grow his Brand

Oct 23, 2018 · 2 min read
📸: @rockiefresh


Rostrum recently signed Rockie Fresh to their label and wanted to better understand where his fans are located and what they are paying attention to, in order to grow his brand and find out what direction he should be taking his music.


After analyzing Rockies’ audience, we learned all about his International and Domestic Fans.

We notice many producers his fans pay attention to, which typically indicates fans in the audience are Hip-Hop Connoisseurs.

The Culture News went beyond Music to include Magazines and Websites related to Basketball, Sneakers, Men’s style, and General news.

There are also a few niche Fashion Brands that appear: Stussy, BAPE, and Karmaloop.


Flye provided multiple Location Maps on Rockies’ audience, helping Rostrom understand where his fans are actively engaging. We provided multiple Interest Reports, including what Culture News outlets, Fashion Brands, and Other Music Artist his fans pay attention to.


Definitely some interesting things in this report. The thing that caught my eye was the amount of fans in Europe and Africa. Also, in the relevancy score, the related artists Smino and Goldlink was cool to see. It tells me his fanbase is still very active and young.”

— Ryan Hobbs

Director of Marketing & Development

Rostrum Records


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