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Gene: segment of DNA. Codes for a particular protein. For each chromosome there are 2100 genes. About 30,000 proteins.

Alleles: alternative forms of a gene.

Law of segregation: (Mendels law) 2 alleles for gene separate (segregate) during meiosis.

Rule of addition: the probability that any 1 or 2 or more exclusive events will occur is calculated by adding together their individual probabilities.

Rule of multiplication: can be used to determine the chance that 2 or more independent events will occur together in some specific combo. 1st-calculate the probability of each independent event. 2nd- multiply the individual probabilities to obtain the overall probability of these events occurring together.

Sex- linked disorders: must see x and y. Carries on the X chromosome. Girls randomly turn off one of their Xs (Barr body)ex) calico cat color for the cat is on the X chromosome .. Shuts that off. Boys only have 1 X, more susceptible to sex linked disorders. Ex) colorblindness, duchennes muscular dystrophy, hemophilia.

Ex) a color blind man marries a woman who is not color blind, nor does she carry the trait; what’s the probability their son will be color blind?

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