Ap bio notes 10/16

Cell cycle vs mitosis

Cell cycle:

Interphase: G, S, G2. (Prep) cell is here most of the time. In G2 it’s growing the specific things being used.’ G1 cell grows. S c’somes are replicated. sister chromatids were made in synthesis of interphase

Mitosis: P,M,A,T (dividing)quick in comparison to I.

Cell cycle — — Mitosis

Why?: death. Injury. Making mistakes. Growth. Developing army to fight disease. Sex (asexual) prokaryotes sex(binary fission).

How and when is it done?: something goes wrong. Puberty. Gestation. Infancy. Maintenance. Regulated by proteins and outside factors — has to be attached to substrate, has to be adhered to other cells (I.e. Cycling protein kinase).

How could it go wrong?: if regulatory proteins have mistakes. Cell stops following rules.

Know stages of mitosis. Know pictures.

Why am I so bad at biology?

Telophase: c’somes turn into chromatin again, losing distinct shapes. Nuclear envelope appears again. Notice the daughter begin to pinch in=cleavage.

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