Why is Trump Winning?

I am not trying to address if Trump should win — but WHY is he? I am not supporting Trump in any way through this, just analyzing how his campaign stacks up against the competition.Asking the question why is his campaign going so well. The answer is somewhat simple:

People are drawn to CLARITY. People want a story where they can be the HERO.

At the websites of four of the Republican candidates you’ll find the slogan’s below:

  • Ted Cruz — Join the Movement of Courageous Conservatives
  • Ben Carson — Heal. Inspire. Revive.
  • Marco Rubio — A New American Century
  • Donald Trump — Make America Great Again

One slogan stands out. Trump is the only one here that calls the voter into a story that has a clear picture of success.

Cruz, calls for the voter to join a movement, but does not give a picture of what the movement will do. Carson, has some inspirational words that may apply to anyone, but because of their ambiguity he could also reuse them when he starts back at his medical practice. Rubio, is also little ambiguous, it is not clear what the goal or what success will look like.

Trump also stands out in that his was the only slogan that I did not have to look up.

Trump is on message all the time. It is in your face, love it or hate it. The other candidates have not been able to find a story and stick with it. Now the most prominent message that we are seeing is STOP TRUMP, but nothing that shows the real benefit provided by voting for the candidate.

Trump has given people a tag line that passes the bumper sticker test. He is clear and he asks the voter to make a difference.

This analysis is based only of a brief glance of the candidate’s slogans. Not speeches, debates, or TV spots. Maybe you would argue that only looking at a slogan doesn’t provide enough information. But in reality that IS what most people are relying on to shape their perspective. And that is WHY Trump is winning.