Your PHD / MBA Doesn’t Impress Me
Tim Denning

I used to sit next cubicle over from Carol, a college student. She’d bring me Jamaican home lunch so I’d burn my lunch break on her college papers.

Three years of it… Graduated delivered her a three lettered proof.

For any consolation, I was encouraged to further my education, “ Girl you got me through A’s, you ought to try and get in a U.S. college.

I tried being modest but not sure how she read my response, “ Really, those three years were my Jamaican high school level stuff.”

I know people who are practically illiterate with financial success, but inadequate to mingle beyond curiosity; that sort of human desolation when ignorance is profound and in full view.

Everything crashed around me some years ago when my employers detoured by outsourcing, and jobs fell out the window faster than the 1930’s depression jumpers.

Higher education is important, knocking it won’t pierce the glove nor the old phrase “Reading maketh the ready man.”

I’m here expressing my verbs and adjectives, without the Ivy League route; thankful for all the three lettered holders here that take the time to read and clap my scribbles

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