Forget all the other reasons you should be riding a bike. This is the one that matters
Tom Babin

THE RIDING IRON: One of man’s earliest work-outs

My father claimed he was an athlete in his youth, a hundred-yard sprinter and a cyclist; I took my mother’s confirmation of this as truth.
He’d harp on the strength and health of all who took up riding even as a hobby. 
I saw his consuming love of the wheeled transport for years; assuming it was all about the almighty dollar because he imported and sold every part that made up the bicycle out of his sole proprietorship.

NEW MOON CYCLE AND HARDWARE Was the place to find imports from England for all the Angol-phobias who believed in their brand of Rudge, Hercules, and Raleigh.
A place my father offered credit with minimal deposits and a signed promissory note by a working individual… His way of making the riding iron available to the working man.

I’d witness firsthand the assembly of the cycles and learned all the parts I’d come to market later when I operated the business.
I observed very aged women and men continuing as riders, erect postures no signs chronic pains or nimbleness.

When my car broke, hopping on my ladies wheel was better than calling the cabbie. I even took rides from a local or two and laughed later on accepting the offer to my place of business from a delinquent customer.

Better not think about the seizure, for non-payment at any time; these riders were solidly fit even to consider sending the bailiff to hand in a court summons. A town of fit and happy customers who bought all their maintenance parts proved a deal for years; for us it wasn’t about profits.

Father called it the muscle building weapon and joint lubricant.
I never saw an unhappy rider especially those who commuted to school by cycling… They seem more erudite, disciplined and successful.
Cycling is an important activity to encourage early; it’s a developing tool as any other for training, leisure, and maintenance of good health.
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