American Grammar Checkup: Why We Should Use the Oxford Comma
Susan Rooks

Using a grammar app frustrates me at times when it insists my spelling is incorrect; endeavours being one of the many. I can’t help using English, the way it arrived in America nor the Caribbean or how learned.

I was educated in Jamaica with the set syllabus from the U.K. because that was where London and G.C.E., examinations were set and marked annually for certification for the United Kingdom, its territories and commonwealth nations.

While I paid for my erudite tool, I’m not asking for monthly stats from anywhere; Grammarly sends it anyway.

I check my narratives: Action element in screenplays and see alerts of overused and repeats… Humbug.

The program doesn't recognize the exposition elements and continued use of repeated Character names and settings in screenplay software; nonetheless, it’s a worthy tool.

The need to present writing with perfect grammar is a must for me if I’m to get past a Hollywood gatekeeper, even to read premise and logline.

I’m brought up to speed, by your readings; it’s a welcomed refresher.

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