If you open GitHub bitcoin page…

Henry Zhou

If you open GitHub bitcoin page, you will find a small thing which I think is very important but other people just easily ignored. Bitcoin’s current version number is 0.16.2. That is, even official 1.0 is not published. In this case, even the actual contributors around the founder and the founder her/himself believe that the bitcoin at this moment is not even qualify as formal 1.0, So those calling the block chain 2.0 3.0 version shouter and screamers on the internet every day. Please tell me what is your true propose? Is it you people really just mentally stupid, do not understand the basic knowledge, principles and values ​​of the block chain? Or is it purely evil with other purposes?

After the past year of ICO baptism, there are many projects that basically return to zero and are defined as the Ponzi scheme. Personally, I think the current blockchain ecology is like the Internet bubble in 2000? After the big waves, also after a lot of Ponzi schemes and a round of irrational investors. The result is a total collapse of Nasdaq, second only to the 2008 loan crisis.

But is there really only a negative impact? In those days, only in China’s domestic market, Tencent, NetEase, Sohu, Sina and other Internet giants survived the cold winter. Which one is not the huge corporation right now? Some people refute that it is because they are rich and has the large reputation, they can survive the cold winter, and small companies cannot survive.

Those who say such words I strongly suggest you read the Alibaba’s startup history, even if they missed the Internet’s bargain-hunting opportunities, just a few years later, the “Internet of Things” and the Internet’s bargain-hunting opportunities have made this great company. For more accurate speaking, it rides the second touchdown of the Internet and the launch of the “Internet of Things” trend.

The opportunities of every era are there, the only thing that lacks is courage and wisdom, and most importantly, those who have “adhere to” such noble qualities.