Facts You Need to Know about Liquor Liability Insurance in Texas

If your business sells, distributes, or makes alcohol available for consumption, it’s absolutely essential that you understand the facts about liquor liability insurance. Liquor liability insurance in Texas is designed to protect businesses and individuals against dram shop laws that assign civil and legal responsibility to those who sell or provide alcohol to guests.

Unfortunately, there’s a lot of conflicting information out there about liquor liability insurance in Texas. Is it necessary? Is it worth the investment? What kind of coverage does it really provide? What situations does it cover? Who needs it? These are just a few of the questions we get all of the time about liquor liability coverage. That’s why we have put together this list of essential facts you need to know about liquor liability insurance in Texas.

Fact # 1 : Your business can be held liable for the actions of intoxicated and/or underage patrons served at your establishment.

Under dram shop laws, if you serve a customer alcohol, you can be held responsible for their actions should they get intoxicated. In other words, if a buzzed customer decides to get behind the wheel and causes a wreck, your bar or restaurant could be liable for those damages. Without liquor liability insurance, you could get hit with a costly lawsuit that may bankrupt your business. Liquor liability coverage can protect you against such lawsuits and potentially save your business millions.

Fact #2 : Liquor liability insurance can save you millions

There have been cases where Texas juries have awarded judgments for tens of millions of dollars in alcohol related lawsuits. Such lawsuits that demand business owners pay for the damage caused by their customers can bankrupt businesses that don’t have the right insurance. Liquor liability coverage is an essential investment that protects your business against these huge lawsuits, potentially saving your business millions of dollars.

Fact #3 : Texas has more drunk driving deaths than any other state

Sad but true, the state of Texas sees more fatal drunk driving accidents than any other state. In 2011, there were 1,213 fatalities resulting from drunk driving in Texas. Intoxicated driving is a huge problem in Texas, and while your employees might serve customers responsibly and try to call cabs for those who have been drinking, you can’t force every customer to make the right choice. Liquor liability insurance can help protect your business against the bad decisions of intoxicated patrons.

Fact #4 : Most businesses that need liquor liability insurance don’t have it

The majority of businesses that need liquor liability insurance in Texas don’t have the proper coverage. Simply put, if your establishment sells, distributes, or makes alcohol available for consumption, you need liquor liability insurance. That goes for bars, nightclubs, taverns, restaurants, and a host of other establishments. Your general business insurance will not provide this coverage, so it’s important to add on liquor liability coverage to your insurance portfolio.

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