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Durham, NC — Foleum, a hybrid of green energy blockchain mining data center, is delighted to announce that it has opened its Initial Crystal Offering (ICO) to accredited investors in Australia and Canada, following significant interest from investors in these countries.

Foleum welcomes blockchain mining enthusiasts from these countries and looks forward to having these new investors join us in this exciting, revolutionary green mining project. Foleum will continue to expand to other countries and very much appreciates investors’ patience in this process.

Act now at If any issues arise during the process of getting involved please contact the Foleum support team at

For any questions or more information, please contact Foleum at

: Mining for the Masses, Simplified!

DURHAM, N.C., /PRNewswire/ — Foleum, the world’s first hybrid wind and solar blockchain mining data center, proudly announces a strategic partnership with ASUS, one of the world’s leading computer hardware manufacturers.

ASUS will provide Foleum with priority access to critical equipment such as motherboards and graphics cards. Normally, being able to acquire these products, which are in very high demand and only available in limited quantities, would be a major concern for a blockchain mining project the size of Foleum.

The partnership with will ensure a steady flow of hardware components, to include custom-made graphics cards that meet the…

DURHAM, N.C., June 15, 2018 /PRNewswire/ — Foleum, the world’s first hybrid wind and solar blockchain mining data center, proudly announces a partnership with Nexus, the world’s first three dimensional blockchain.

Nexus is generating the next evolution of blockchain protocol by utilizing three different consensus channels (witnessing, stake weights, and proof-of-work), systems that work together to simultaneously verify and lock transactions into the chain and create blocks. Integrating advanced cryptography also makes the 3DC the first blockchain that is genuinely resistant to quantum attacks, empowering the world’s most secure digital currency. Nexus will be launching nanosatellites (cubesats) into low Earth…

From smart appliances to satellites, artificial intelligence to internet culture, this exhibition brings together more than 100 objects as a landscape of possibilities for the near future —

LONDON — The Victoria & Albert Museum, the world’s leading museum of art and design, is exploring the power of design in shaping the world of tomorrow in its major spring exhibition.

From portraits of Chelsea Manning generated by her DNA, a chargeable shirt which can power a smartphone, objects printed by the world’s first zero gravity printer to a global seed bank to prevent loss of plant species in the event of a crisis, The Future Starts Here brings together ground-breaking technologies and designs currently in development in studios and laboratories around the world.

As part of the exhibition…

Just beyond the shadows of major research facilities in Research Triangle Park Durham, NC — an area that prides itself on “inspiring bold ideas” — emerges a different type of bold idea.

Entrepreneur and blockchain veteran Rahdi Fakhoury introduces the Foleum Project, a unique profit-sharing type of opportunity based on blockchain mining, the datacenter will use renewable energy to power thousands of ingeniously-designed GPU mining servers.

Foleum crystals, which will soon be made available to investors, will be an Ethereum token that entitles investors to a percentage of daily mining profits.

If you are a crypto enthusiast and don’t have…


Foleum is an Innovative blockchain mining project that can generate its own power using green hybrid Technologies.

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