Marking the dawn of its 20th Anniversary, The Floating Outfit Project will present Phomolong train — Station from the 21st — 27th March. This convergence of four global projects is the culmination of a two-year process of creative, interrogative collaboration with local dance makers, continental counterparts, networks of International presenters, artists, festivals, theatre and spaces.

Phomolong train — Station brings together four streams of critical projects, centred around its seminal, Press: Reset residency. Now in its second year, this is a research, re-educating process for local dance makers, which puts them in reach of critical circuits on the continent and beyond.

Criticality and necessity connect Durban and Kisangani in the vital, Redefining… Home-work project. This continental exchange project is initiated and co-produced by the DRC’s Studios Kabako & The Floating Outfit Project, under the mentorship of Faustin Linyekula and Boyzie Cekwana.

Phomolong train — Station will mark the 3rd phase of this project, which started in September 2014 in Kisangani’ DRC. 4 Congolese and 5 South African dancers form the core of this project. Four of these artists, Michel Kiyombo, Papy Ebotani (DRC), Tegan Peacock & Sifiso Majola (RSA) will develop new creations during the first few weeks of March, then present their work in an open rehearsal format for public viewing and feedback during the week (21st — 27th March).

An exciting prospect for Durban is the presence of the Shared Spaces Network. This is a network of art practitioners, theatre and festival presenters who come from as afield as Switzerland, Portugal, Germany, Slovenia, etc. They will spend the week witnessing, engaging and exchanging with the artists, as well as visiting local spaces of artistic practice.

Finally, ‘One Space’ makes its own presence in the city. This is a Shared Spaces Network initiative, which invites 14 artists from three major global regions, namely: Africa, The Middle East and Europe. These artists have already spent time developing projects in residencies in Ramallah, Kinshasa and Lisbon. Phomolong train — Station will be the final phase in the series. Their work will be assessed by a Shared Spaces Network steering group, for the purposes of determining possibilities for co-producing some of the work. Co-produced work may be presented in International Festivals.

The non-ticketed public showings for Redefining… Home-work will be at the Beer Hall, the Pump House, the KZNSA and The Workshop Market. Showings will be from the 22nd — 26th March.

Phomolong train — Station and Redefining… Home-work are supported by Pro Helvetia, the Swiss Arts Council and the Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation. The Shared Spaces Network supports Phomolong train — Station. The Arts & Culture Department of eThekwini Municipality supports Phomolong train — Station with spaces and logistics.

Phomolong train — Station is a gathering of different connected artists, projects, networks and individuals, facilitated by The Floating Outfit Project.

In this week the Floating Outfit Project hosts a moment of coming together, of sharing, criticizing and reflecting: The laboratory Redefining… Home-work, an exchange between Kisangani and Durban mentored by Faustin Linyekula and Boyzie Cekwana; One Space, a collaboration in multidisciplinary creation of live arts between artists from Europe, Middle East and Africa, organized by Shared Spaces members Alkantara/Portugal, Exodos/Slovenia, KVS/Brussels; and Shared Spaces, a network of International partners, composed of, among others, Theater Spektakel (Zurich), KVS (Brussels), Alkantara (Lisbon), and Exodos (Ljubljana), sharing resources to facilitate a smoother environment for artistic creation and development as well as the mobility of work across the world.

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