How big is the multi project management software market today? — Quora

The project management software market is booming at the current time. Check out this insanely long list to see how large it is — 
 On the other hand, multi-project management software is still being developed. Many of the tools listed on the website above only focus on project management. Only a handful of these software packages have truly mastered multi-project management.

Our solution allows for several projects to be monitored from a single easy to use vantage point. It can monitor how you are using your time, finances, and human resources to accomplish all of your projects efficiently and on time. 
 What sets our product apart is its self-learning ability to look at past projects and predict possible setbacks future projects may experience. This predictive ability allows teams to avoid the mistakes that previous projects experienced. 
 In this regard, Forecast is very different from Microsoft Project, because it allows projects to be accurately planned from the start and remains dynamic to maximize productivity and get the project back on track.
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