Peter´´s answer to What’s the best web-based project portfolio management tool suitable for a medium-sized company (350 people) which also provides day-to-day project management capabilities? — Quora

The most important factor in selecting your project portfolio management (PPM) software is selecting features of the tool that are most relevant to your business. It looks like you need a powerful software that knows PPM and multi-project management (MPM) for daily tasks.

In a medium-sized company, you may want a flexible PPM that allows for multiple project management styles such as Agile or Waterfall. Although there are many evolving tools for PPM, one of the best project portfolio management software which also provides effortless MPM is

This highly rated software improves efficiency by becoming a single standalone management tool without having to input the same data into multiple software packages. For any pre-existing project management tools you may have, all of your information is automatically synced with and is made smarter. allows a company to have a broad overview of their projects for daily scrum masters working in small teams, to the CEO looking at the entire possible scope of current and future projects. This software is predictive in determining potential setbacks and has a 94% accuracy in planning time, budget, and resources for every project.

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