Defining the Gospel.

What is the gospel? The gospel is central to everything we do in the Christian life, its extremely important, but how should we define it? It seems that every one has a different way of articulating what the gospel is, in fact Trevin Wax compiled a list of gospel definitions from acclaimed pastors and other Christian leaders as an example of this diversity. Wax helps us see that even among highly trained and skilled Christians, explanations of the good news of Jesus vary widely. For clarity at Sojourn we talk about the gospel in three ways: Kingdom, Cross, and Grace. This multifaceted approach to defining the gospel prevents us from over emphasizing one aspect of the gospel over another, which often leads to error. How we proclaim and teach the gospel effects how our people live and relate to God, therefore we must teach a full gospel, not simply a piece of it.


The gospel of God’s Kingdom announces that life with God has come near to us and is once again available to all who put their faith in Jesus.


The gospel of God’s cross announces that, through the life, death, and resurrection of Jesus, we have been made right with God.


The gospel of God’s grace announces that God accepts us and shares his life with us. We have not earned or deserved it. God gives it to us freely at Christ’s expense.

This understanding of the gospel influences all we do at Sojourn. To see other ways of articulating the gospel look below at Trevin Wax’s list of gospel definitions.

Gospel Definitions, Compiled by Trevin Wax Last Updated: September, 2012

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