Pleeeeeaase… stop

The Numbers of Numbness

We’ve all seen them, too often. Are you like i, absolutely horrified when reading another post tagline with ‘the top of’ and a number as its content title ? Please stop that. When there are no more new ideas in the pool of thoughts it would be best you publish nothing. And don’t give me that psychology of content marketing crap, much less the Dunning–Kruger effect argument. It just doesn’t do it. Hanging on to the numbers of numbness shows you’re clearly entrenched in a debilitating state of formulas the likes produced of a cold anesthesia of your creativity.

OMG!! please stop that

The 10 best this, the 5 top that, the worse 20 of this, how i succeeded with only 200… these 15 things will… OMG!! Please stop that!

To start with, no one that is an influencer reads content with such titles because they are just too boringly common. And, no one actually knowledgeable needs your help in finding new apps or thanksgiving recipes – we have search engines for these tasks. Now, we all know you’re kindly handing out a free service by publishing useful information, tricks and tips, but please do yourself a favor — and us in the same time— change your content marketing title and tagline strategy to lure us in, or at the very least stop annoying. Cause’ right now you do not lure anymore than the stillest of Sloths.

This doesn’t work as well as you think it does.

I don’t teach pros lessons

Dont get me wrong. I don’t teach lessons to pros. I will say what i think and it is to be accepted as feedback. I am not a ‘joe knows it all’. I hate that type of about just as much. What i do know is what truly stimulates my neurones and what makes me wanting to know more. With so much to discover other than yourself, my attention span becomes very short. I guess doing this for a living could make me look highly biased to some as they read these lines. But in reality, peers should only be a sample of the total information pool to look at for learning creative content marketing. A catchy tagline or title is one that will stand out. And in today’s example, it does just the opposite.

Alarm 1202

These mediocre tagline titles have the same effect on me than the Alarm 1202 must have had on the Apollo 11 crew minus the heightened awareness : utter discomfort and confusion. It creates an immediate saturation of the likes i experience when hearing the same overly played top 40 song 80 times on the same day. It is like that repetitive advert you can’t stand hearing no more. For some it can result in a pleasant numbness, an awakened deep sleep. For others it becomes a true plague. Everything and everyone becomes robotic, predictable, boring. No wonder it puts us asleep. I’m in for a much broader spectrum.

Big corporation know what’s best for you

Surprisingly, there are more and more of these mind impairing content tag-lines on social media, especially on twitter. Now i don’t know about you but i never click on these. I thought we were elsewhere in web content communications right now, somewhere in a creative space with no boundaries. That’s what i am looking for. Open my mind and i just may want to know more. I suspect some big corporation procedure is behind this flattening of the content marketing spectrum, a threat to all creatives. Formulating the web… yuk. For once it seemed a medium was going to be shaped by new ways of thinking and doing. Move over creatives, the big shot Corps are here to make the internet more like your local tv and radio, and most of all, they know what’s best for you.

Oh yeah, one more thing : as well, cut the word ‘Why’ from your tag-lines.

All views expressed are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the thoughts of this organisation. We are far beyond approving everything our ceo says. Our Minds Work Just Fine. 😎

Words : Eric Soucy — all rights reserved FI3200/2016

Photos: Google, Medium & FI3200/

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