Sharpening Online Education

On April 9th. 2015, an article written by stated that LinkedIn, the professional social network, announced it’s acquiring the online education company for $1.5 billion.

Founded in 1995 by Lynda Weinman,, an Inc. 5000 company, offers users professional development through thousands of videos and other course materials in the areas of business, design, software, and education.

Are you shocked that social media gets it? I’m not.

When considering adding or expanding on your ideas through online social platforms, you as an entrepreneur, coach, author, and/or speaker, should seriously be asking yourself:

Why am I not teaching online? What’s it costing me to hesitate?

If true experts are in the game of giving value, how can you not support your students, clients and customers in the quickest way possible. Online and mobile platforms of today are dominating the information industry. How can you get a share in 2015?

It’s simple, what better way to distribute your insights the exact way that you want them to be exposed, then with your very own online course or program?

Online education offers a way to reach new learners, enter new markets, and generate new revenues, all in the time it takes you to blend your favorite smoothie. In minutes you could be seen online teaching someone how to create their favorite meal, stand in their favorite yoga position, or create and profit from an online business of their dreams. Topics include various passions and expertise.

And guess what, time isn’t the only thing that’s driving the increase in online education. NOPE. Major developments and advancements in all of our technologies have made the largest impact. Think about it; hardware, software, wifi access, connectivity, and online learning platforms have all improved significantly over the past decade.

In addition, the average consumer — whether a student, parent, client, or customer have fallen into the trap of convenience, and are reluctant to get in a car, drive to class, and be back in time for their favorite TVshow. These new students want to learn according to their schedule, and that’s a good thing for people like us.

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