Family Planning Advocate, Postpartum Expert, and Mom: An Interview with Ninabina Davie Kitururu

Family Planning 2020
Aug 8 · 7 min read
FP2020 Youth Focal Points lead the way during the Anglophone Africa Focal Point Workshop in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. From left: Marian Pleasant Kargbo, Sierra Leone; Rose Aya Charles, South Sudan; Maria Amélia António Manjate, Mozambique; Fatou F. Sanneh, Gambia; Jutomue Doetein, Liberia; Ninabina Davie, Tanzania; Joan Amanda Banura Julian Mary, Uganda; Onward Chironda, Zimbabwe; Yolanda Miguel, Angola
Family Planning 2020

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FP2020 is a global partnership working to enable 120 million more women & girls to use voluntary, modern contraception by 2020.

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