Best Time to Drink Superfood Shake

The popularity of Superfood shake is increasing with every passing day. Now numbers of people are opting for such diet to stay healthy and fit. However, do you know the correct time to drink superfood smoothie for maximum benefit? The answer to this question is anytime throughout the day. Yes, correct, there is no such bad time to drink such shake as healthy method to curb carvings and to enjoy delicious nutritious treat.

But, you possibly know, the variety of Superfood shake is plenty, ranging from balanced and light fruity blends to the swampy brown, each supplement referred to man style blend. Hence, the correct question is not “what is the correct time to drink such shakes” instead one should ask best suitable ingredients at correct time of a day. Here are some quick tips to make most out of blend anytime –

After or Before Exercise — The best time enjoy such shakes is either after or before exercise. Such shakes not only offers you required energy after of before workout but it also keep you away from the junk foods that one may crave due to hunger. To get the maximum benefits of such shakes one can also buy antioxidant supplements and add it to their shakes as per their requirement of their body.

In Morning — If you want to include superfood shakes in your morning diet, then it is advisable to opt for the carbohydrate rich shakes as they offer quick energy to the body that you can use it for the entire day. Moreover, by adding little bit of healthy fats and protein to the shake can make the body energy last for much longer hours. Hence, one can make their shakes with fruits and scoop of protein powder, few seeds or nuts or few acai rich in antioxidant to round out required nutrition.

For Lunch — The Superfood shakes can be a good replacement of healthy lunch that is low in calories but high in nutrients as compared to several traditional meals. A shake in lunch is a great method to energize. The green superfood shakes can be great balanced option of micro and macro nutrients. Handful of romaine, spinach with some green like kale blended together can be a good shake option for lunch.

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