Elites, Wake Up

This is a reply to Chris Herd's answer to How do “Remain” voters feel about the Brexit result? on Quora.

Didn’t read it all, sorry, since I’ve found similar feelings repeated. But when I read to your “realisation”, I thought maybe it is at least a chance to wake the elites up. I support Remain, but seeing the global trend of breaking up, it is not totally surprising for me that Leave prevailed.

I don’t believe in blaming normal Leave voters, since it’s of no use. Hate and insecurity are existing human nature to be exploited, as I’ve read again and again in history, however open the world has led me to believe it is. Trump, Leave, even ISIS, are but symptoms of the problem that globalisation has not benefited a majority of people.

In the end, the world is ruled by power and elites. It is good that elites in democracy respect the votes. It is not good the elites stop there. Public opinion is but another battlefield where unfortunately truth doesn’t necessarily win. I’ve revisited Tim Hunt’s “chauvinism” story by chance today which showed the point too. The people didn’t vote as we did, in the end because we didn’t do enough to convince them.

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