10 Reasons to Use Fiberglass Reinforced Plastic (FRP)

Fiberglass reinforced plastic (FRP) is a sturdy, durable, panel that is built to withstand abuse and high traffic areas. These panels will not rot, chip, corrode, or splinter no matter how much you throw at them. It is most commonly found in automotive, marine, and construction industries. You use these panels for extra protection from things like unpredictable weather, reinforcing roofs, and siding. This article will go over the top ten reasons why you should use fiberglass reinforced panels in your business.

1. Corrosion Resistant

This material is known for its durability. It can withstand coming into contact with corrosive liquids and chemicals without weakening or breaking. This is a desirable trait especially for anyone who works around chemicals or has a business near the ocean. This plastic stands up against a variety of materials and environments like the ones listed below. It works as a shield to protect metal and wood from degrading or rotting from constant exposure.

  • Hydrogen Sulfide
  • Sulfuric Acid
  • Hydrochloric Acid
  • Salt Water
  • Air with High Salt Content like Near an Ocean
  • Constant Freshwater

2. Lightweight and Easy to Install

This type of plastic is very lightweight for being as durable as it is. It weighs on average over five times less than a sheet of steel of the same size, and is over 70 percent lighter than a piece of aluminum. To break that down even further, a piece of aluminum weighs in at 3.5 pounds, a sheet of steel weighs in at 11 pounds, and a sheet of FRP weighs in at just 2 pounds. Since this material is so lightweight, it means an easier installation, and an easier installation will save both time and money.

3. Low Maintenance

FRP panels are notoriously low maintenance during and after installation. The fact that they’re corrosion resistant plays a significant role in this factor. Once the panels are installed, they won’t need much maintenance except a quick wipe down or wash every once in a while. You can wipe down the panels with a mild detergent, and if you need to keep them glossy use a wax finish. This process will keep the panels looking as new as the day they were installed.

4. FRP Panels are Versatile

These panels can be formed into a variety of shapes a lot easier than most metals and can be made fire-retardant as well. If the panels are coated with the right resin, they can become durable for a broad range of temperatures and environments, unlike traditional wood, plastic, or metal. It can offer better acoustics because this material tends to absorb sound waves instead of bouncing them around.

5. FRP Panels Can be Installed Over Existing Surfaces

These panels offer an easy install and can be used to provide an extra layer of protection for existing surfaces or walls. This process is considered an easy install, and there are no high-tech tools required to do it properly. It can be fitted with either a high-grade glue or construction variety fasteners for a tight, clean fit.

6. Superior Strength to Weight Ratio

This material offers an extremely high strength to weight ratio. It can withstand a lot of weight as it distributes it evenly throughout the panel. This prevents cracks or breaks, no matter the temperature or environment. It can be over three times as rigid as any timber, and on a pound-for-pound test against steel and aluminum, FRP won every time.

7. FRP is Non-Conductive

FRP is well known for being nonconductive, and this makes it a safer option as it will not allow things like heat or electricity to travel through it into a person. Metals may heat up when introduced to thermal energy, but this fiberglass will stay cool to the touch and have a constant temperature.

8. Low Cost

This fiberglass is a lower cost option for someone in the construction business. The resins and reinforcements that go into making this fiberglass as durable as it is are less expensive as a whole. The production cost is lower as well because you typically only need hand tools to make it, so there are no cutting torches or welding rings involved to increase the fabrication process and price.

9. You Can Get Exact Dimensions

These reinforced fiberglass pieces are made with a master mold, and this ensures a precise, tight dimensional fit every time. This is very important as it will save on the costs of remaking it because someone measured incorrectly, or someone was told the incorrect dimensions of the piece needed. They can also be manipulated to exact measurements for oddly shaped fixtures.

10. Mold and Mildew Resistant

This material is extremely mold and mildew buildup-resistant. It is often seen on the inside of walk-in coolers, on walls a cold storage warehouses, at restaurants, or in industrial kitchens as backsplashes. There are no pores for the mold or mildew to get into and spread, and since seals tightly to the walls, no moisture can get behind it. They meet government-set regulations for cleanliness standards, which makes them ideal for any food preparation area.

If you are in the construction, contractor, aerodynamics, or restaurant field these fiberglass reinforced plastic panels are perfect for your everyday needs. They have the added bonus of saving money all around, and come with an almost foolproof design and installation process. This article went over the top ten reasons why this material should be seriously considered for your next construction project, as well as many different benefits to using it. The money and time alone should be significant motivators, and well as the versatility and durability of this product. If you are considering using FRP panels for your project, be sure to contact FRPShop today!

Article Originally Published At: https://www.frpshop.com/10-reasons-use-fiberglass-reinforced-plastic-frp/

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