Here’s Exactly Why You Should Be Giving Your Pets Filtered Water

So, you have a pet at home.

Do you care about your pet’s nutritional needs? Maybe, you do. You feed your animal companion the best pet food, take care of their daily food intake and keep their water bowl clean and filled.

Wait! Filled with what? Tap water?

Yes. It may sound like a matter of trivial or no importance to many pet owners but water type of water your pet drinks may have to do with their health and well being.

Is filtered water only for humans and not for animals?

Water is unfortunately the most neglected daily nutrient when it comes to pets.

Most pet owners are unaware of the fact that the type of water your pet drink can affect their stomach acidity levels and thus gut health.

Just as clean filtered water can benefit the health of your family members, it is also good for your furry companions. With the right filtered water solution installed in your home, you not only get fresh, good tasting water to drink but ensure good health for both your family and pets.

Here are some ways filtered water can benefit your pets:

Ø Better Hydration

FSA water filter

Just as humans, animals need proper hydration too. Filtered water is clean and tastes great which encourages pets to drink more. Proper hydration and water intake leave a positive impact on the health your pet and is linked with fewer urinary tract infections and easy, quick recovery for injured or sick pets.

Ø Improved Overall Pet Health

Filtered water eliminates the contaminants and toxins, promoting healthy kidney function in pets. Conditioned water also benefits small and elderly pets that have a more delicate body function and respectively weak immune system.

Ø Tear Staining

Tear staining is a common problem amongst dogs particularly dogs with white or light coloured fur and certain other breeds. Though tearstains are generally attributed to improper diet, unfiltered tap water also contain a high level of total dissolved solids (TDS) which is often linked with the appearance of heavy tear staining. Clean filter water is said to improve moderate tear stains and prevent tearing or staining.

The Takeaway

Good pet care isn’t just about feeding your pet nutritional food, walking them daily and training them for good behaviour. It is also about ensuring that your pet drinks the same quality of water as everyone else in your home.

Furthermore, to ensure the cleanest and healthiest drinking water for your family as well as pets, consider FSA water filter solutions. One of leading house water filter supplier in Australia, FSA offers the finest range of water filtration solutions to meet every home’s needs and preferences.


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