Well I have been spending sometime with my grand mom because she’s my mentor. a great lady with wisdom and my homemade beauty guide. She has shared some tremendous tips with me regarding skin care, well being, and women’s health. So, I started sharing those tips with my fans at my blog.

Up till now I have shared 3 articles on my blog, the first one about HOME REMEDIES TO GET RID OF BLACK KNEES AND ELBOWS, the second one about HOW TO GET RID OF DARK UNDERARMS USING HOME REMEDIES and the latest one and my personal favorite 4 HOMEMADE AVOCADO FACE MASKS FOR ORGANIC SKIN CARE. Trust me medium followers these tips are worth every penny. The everlasting wisdom from her side is benefiting a lot of people through my blog. You can also read about them and give me your valuable suggestions.

I am open to any suggestion and idea, you can contact me if you want me to share homemade remedies for any issue. My journey is not over yet :) I will be sharing more sooner. Stay tuned xoxo

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