10 Reasons to Outsource Your Foreign Payroll Services

  1. Hire new employees in most countries of the world without having to establish a legal entity
  2. Enter new markets quickly and efficiently
  3. Hire new employees in as little as 2–3 weeks
  4. Let someone else worry about taxes and benefits
  5. Leverage in-county experts
  6. Easily track and maintain regulatory compliance in multiple countries each with different laws and regulations
  7. Utilize one cloud based system for all countries. No need for maintaining different systems for each country
  8. Easily work in multiple languages, cultures, time zones and currencies
  9. Limit liability of new employees if they have to be terminated
  10. The right company helps you understand the rules and regulations in every country, any upcoming changes, and how to ensure and maintain payroll compliance.
  11. A global managed payroll solution reduces complexity, confusion and cost for multinational businesses. Any challenges involved in setting up a global payroll solution are far outweighed by the invaluable benefits in terms of costs recouped and time saved.

With Foreign Staffing’s global presence expanding each month, our clients have been growing as well. They have not only been seeking a solution to find new staff in other countries but they have also been seeking an efficient and compliant way to quickly employee this staff without having to establish a legal entity in the foreign country. Foreign Staffing has spent the last year establishing relationships with global in-country payroll experts. As such, we are very excited to introduce our new Foreign Payroll Service.

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