Instead, I would insist that candidates go listen deeply to the people this venture aims to serve — the unemployed factory worker who is not touched by the good news of today’s low unemployment rates; the families who worry about the quality of their children’s education; the business executives who want to expand and hire ; the victims of America’s opioid epidemic— bringing back evidence of their needs, a cogent expression of their goals, and a sense of the journalism that will help them.
A Proposal to Start a Responsible, Reliable, Reasonable Conservative News Organization
Jeff Jarvis

Agree in spirit, not sure this is the list that matters. Although I’ve drifted from my right-center roots to left-center after the Republican party pretty much threw me out as a moderate (RINO) a decade ago, so may not have this right, I think the list should include small and medium business owners struggling with regulation and taxes and the cost of medical insurance for themselves and employees; retirees of a certain asset or income level; principled and independent people of a wide variety of backgrounds concerned about abuse of the social safety net; and the like.

It’s really straightforward for the special interests who funded Fox News pretty much as an extension of Republican messaging, and the special interests who paid for their message to get out (see “Dark Money” by Jane Mayer) to show up with money and try to help here, too. What controls would ultimately maintain journalistic independence?

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