Here’s Why You Can’t Focus in Your Open Plan Office
Emma Haak

As someone who spent his career in one of the early open-office tech companies, well said, and I hope this work successfully scales.

One aside for you, based in heresy rather than the orthodox: at the lowest level, the act of gating stimuli in the brain requires the firing of inhibitory neurons, which consumes one-time-use neurotransmitter chemicals and other resources in the nervous system. As a chemically sensitive person, I find my ability to focus in a workplace is the intersection of stimuli (which you address) and the ability to gate them (which in my own experience is compromised by toxics from the furniture or other sources in the environment).

As you test and scale your hypothesis, I would encourage you to control for ventilation and for toxics in the environment, lest the roughly 1 in 6 people who are chemically sensitive impact the results.

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