Zuckerberg 2020: Does the Billionaire Facebook Founder Have what it Takes?
Austin Frank

If running for the presidency is a game, then part of the reason Trump won is that he is an “exploiter”, that is, someone who breaks rules which are not automatically enforced. Not to mention norms. Being able to break those rules and get away with it (racism, xenophobia, sexism, standing up to a judge, standing up to the party elite, standing up to the Washington elite) made him look powerful to a large swath of the population. And he told those folks what they wanted to hear, instead of the truth.

Me? I respect what he’s done, but he reminds me both of a character in a certain 1939 movie, and of a class of people the Founding Fathers anticipated in writings in the Federalist Papers, and attempted to put checks and balances into the system to prevent such people from tricking the voters into electing them.

(Oh, and before you dismiss this: I am an old white guy who was a lifelong Republican moderate — as was my father before me who served as a low level political appointee in the latter years of the Reagan administration — before the Party here in California decided we moderates were RINOs and made us unwelcome.)

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