Turning the Chronic Disease Paradigm Upside Down
Sami Inkinen

I’m not sure there are any full stack companies left in the medical industry. I’ve been a Kaiser patient for almost 30 years (my wife almost 40), but feels like they’ve sold out to upcoding and bullshit billing now.

An observation I’ve made before is that the US medical industry needs a competitor, to send a shock through the system like Toyota did to the fat dumb and happy US auto industry in the 1970s, Wal-Mart did to the US retail industry a bit later, and the ruthlessly efficient Asian supply chain did to the US computer industry in the 1990s and 2000’s. However, the medical industry has a lot of regulatory barriers to entry, and if a newcomer got under their cost structure, well, suddenly the newcomer’s physicians would face challenges to their medical licenses, as would the newcomer’s facility licenses and right to medicare reimbursements. The key policy need is to provide protection from such attacks to efficient newcomers, which will probably require new laws at both federal and state levels.

I think Bezos could do a great job creating that competitor, should he so choose, but I also think it has to be a foundation or nonprofit lest it be seduced by (you guessed) the easy money of upcoding and bullshit billing.

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