An Ode To Minimalism

Photo by Autumn Mott on Unsplash

Minimalism Isn’t A Formula, No Two People See It The Same Way, Nor Should They

It’s not all about organizing, decluttering and throwing stuff out.

It’s not an all white-on-white sterile environment, or

owning only 5 things.

Truthfully, There’s Nothing Uniform Or Mandatory In The Practice Of Minimalism

What it means to one person means yet another thing to someone else.

It’s all about living in a way that creates freedom for you to truly live.

To follow your passions and dreams guilt free.

Our Culture Shackles Us To Materialism, To Need More, To Be Unhappy, Restless And Craving Something That Will Never Be Attained

That’s how we’re raised to think, believe and live.

To be always comparing ourselves but never measuring up until we buy xxx.

Does that really help the aching and craving?

Minimalism Breaks Those Bonds By Opening Your Eyes

It enables you to really see the pointlessness of your never ending quest.

It lets you breathe, laugh, love, dream…

It gives you peace.

A Heavy Burden Has Been Lifted And You Feel Feather Light

You look at the wasteland of your past and sigh with relief

That you’re finally free from this circular nightmare

of chasing a phantom.

It Was A Hard Fought Fight

but you won, your new found freedom is ahead

There are no limits to it possibilities

and you shall go forth unencumbered.