Canada Stop Interfering in Venezuelan Elections!

U.S./Canada: Hands Off Venezuela!

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Fire This Time Movement for Social Justice Statement — May 17, 2018

Fire This Time Movement for Social Justice condemns in the strongest possible terms the provocative and anti-democratic move by the Canadian government to attempt to block the establishment of polling stations at Venezuelan diplomatic missions in Canada. This is a complete violation of Venezuela’s sovereignty as well as long established international agreements.

The Canadian government is attempting to deny the 6,000 registered Venezuelan voters currently living in Canada the ability to participate in the Venezuelan Presidential election this Sunday May 20. This is the latest escalation in the ongoing attacks by the Canadian government against the democratically elected government of current Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro.

This campaign began with threats, moved to economic sanctions, and also continued with an irrational pre-emptive declaration that the upcoming Venezuelan presidential elections are not free and fair even before anyone has cast a vote!

This Sunday will be Venezuela’s 24th electoral event in 20 years. Even former U.S. President Jimmy Carter, whose institute has observed many Venezuelan elections, admitted that, “As a matter of fact, of the 92 elections that we’ve monitored, I would say that the election process in Venezuela is the best in the world.”

We completely support Venezuelan Foreign Minister Jorge Arreaza’s announcement that Venezuela’s diplomatic missions in Canada will continue to establish polling stations regardless of continued Canadian government attacks.

As the Canadian government and mainstream media continue to distort and defame the Venezuelan government and electoral process, Fire This Time is sending three of its own reporters to the country to witness and report firsthand the Presidential elections. We continue to call for an end to all threats and sanctions against the sovereign country of Venezuela, and demand the Canadian government immediately rescind its decision to block the polling stations in Venezuelan diplomatic missions in Canada.

U.S./Canada: Hands Off Venezuela!