Palestine Will Be Free! Justice for Shireen Abu Akleh!

4 min readMay 17, 2022

On May 11, 2022, Palestinian journalist Shireen Abu Akleh, was assassinated by an Israeli soldier. She was shot in the face by an Israeli sniper while reporting on a raid being conducted against Palestinians by Israeli occupation forces in the Jenin refugee camp. When she was murdered, Shireen was wearing a helmet and a bullet-proof vest clearly identifying herself as press. Her colleague Ali al-Samoudi was also shot by Israeli forces at the same time, but he is recovering from his injuries.

The targeted murder of Shireen Abu Akleh is intended to strike fear into journalists who expose the crimes of Israel. Since the occupation of Palestine began in 1948, Palestinian journalists, and journalists reporting on the struggle of the people of Palestine, have faced continuous harassment and intimidation by Israel, including violent assaults and other targeted murders. However, the people of Palestine and the journalists who cover their struggle have not been, and will not be, silenced.

The Fire This Time Movement for Social Justice fiercely denounces the Israeli assassination of Palestinian journalist Shireen Abu Akleh and we stand with the people of Palestine in their continued struggle against the brutal Israeli occupation.

Since last year, the people of Palestine have faced a ruthless escalation in attacks and bombing by Israel, including the forced and violent removal of Palestinian residents of the Sheikh Jarrah neighbourhood in Jerusalem. For 11 days in May 2021, 259 people, including 65 children across Gaza and the West Bank, were killed by Israeli occupation forces. This continuous bloodshed and destruction also destroyed thousands of homes, public buildings, medical facilities, schools, and other basic infrastructure.

The genocidal policies of Israel are funded and supported by imperialist governments around the world, led by the United States. Israel is a manufactured state on Palestinian land, existing only with U.S. funding and weapons, and the diplomatic cover, political support and aid that they receive from imperialist governments such as Canada. Each year, the United States gives $3.8 billion in direct military aid to Israeli occupation forces. During the May 2021 assault on Gaza, the U.S. Biden Administration approved a $735 million weapons sale to Israel. Israel would not be able to exist for even one week if not for the massive diplomatic, financial, and military support of the United States. The state of Israel is not a secure land for Jewish people, but was and is, a war machine state to divide and suppress the Middle East on behalf of imperialist powers.

In the face of merciless attacks and ethnic cleansing, the people of Palestine continue to fight for their right to land and self-determination. Despite 74 years of suffering and hardship they have not given up the struggle for their rights and their land including their right of return. No amount of violence by the state of Israel has ever been able to change that. The Israeli racist regime is now fighting with three powerful Palestinian forces, Palestinians in the West Bank, Gaza and within Israel. This resistance included a historic general strike of people of Palestine on May 18, 2021.

In response to the savage killing of Palestinian journalist Shireen Abu Akleh there has been a worldwide outcry and protests. Over the past year the continued racist Israeli war on Palestine has mobilized millions of people around the world to demonstrate their support for the brave people of Palestine. In Vancouver, Canada, as well as hundreds of cities and towns around the world, poor, working and oppressed people are joining together in recognition of their shared humanity with the people of Palestine and to demand justice for Shireen.

We, the Fire This Time Movement for Social Justice stand with the brave people of Palestine in their continued struggle for dignity and self-determination against the racist, Zionist, and colonial state of Israel. We call on all peace-loving, working class, and oppressed people around the world to stand up and to be consistently active in the ongoing fight for the liberation of Palestine! Palestinian liberation from Israeli Zionist occupation is liberation for us all.

Stop Killing Palestinian Journalists!
Israel/USA Hands Off Palestine!
Stop Bombing and Killing Palestinians!
Self-determination for Palestine!
End the Israeli Occupation of Palestine Now!
Long Live Palestine! Long Live International Solidarity!

Statement by the Fire This Time Movement for Social Justice
May 14, 2022




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