Video games and videos of destruction can scratch an itch humans don’t even know they have, by bringing order to a disordered world

II have perfected my bedtime routine. I do my skincare, spritz my pillow with a lavender spray, put my phone on Do Not Disturb, and dim the lights so I can hunch over my laptop watching oddly satisfying videos until I fall asleep.

The description “oddly satisfying” has gained such…

Do-it-yourself genetic DNA testing kits could be exploiting our curiosity to build the world’s largest surveillance system

WWhen Alex* decided to use a DNA testing service in 2018, her motivation was clear: Like many African-Americans, she was hoping to discover something about her family lineage that predated the trauma of slavery. “It was an itch I’d wanted to scratch for a long time, and one I wouldn’t…


Fueled by support from the Korean government, sheet masks and glass skin have taken over the world

KKimchi, K-pop, and K-dramas. Welcome to Hallyu 2.0, in which everyone in the West is losing their minds over all things Korean.

Playing a starring role is a glorious onslaught of Korean beauty products, with the K-Beauty market now valued at over $13 billion, and $7.2 billion of which is…

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