One day I thought I’d go for a walk in the woods with my self, but then I didn’t. Instead I stayed in and watched Peaky Blinders and didn’t stop until Thomas Shelby and that Alfie fellow had this momentous awakening together “he who fights by the sword, he fxckin’ dies by it Tommy…I want him to acknowledge that his anger is un-fxckin-justified. These are the ways of our wicked world mate.” “Well said, Alfie, well said.” All hypocrites in the room vanished to thin air and the truth reined free. The “ways of our wicked world” are ones that prompt men to kidnap other men’s children, all in the name of power, but actually more accurately in the name of money (that’s how ya get the power isn’t it Jay?). Anywhos, after these 18 hours of television I ate crap until my stomach hurt, read my Trevor Noah book or a while, played on Reddit for another couple hours, and finally went to sleep as a lazy boy in a lazyboy. But really though, in this day and age why face your self and your mind racing full of chaos and pain, why face it with a quiet walk in the woods, or a conversation with another living person, when there’s all this wonderful Escapism right in front of us, in every pocket and every room, with just a touch of the tip of my finger. So breathe in some calm she said, and accept the fine fact, that we never stood a chance.

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