Be Amazed

Much like pizza, every sunset is good, some are just amazing! Both amazing and humbling - simple setting of the largest star in our solar system.

Sunset in Bonaire

In life, there is so much to see, and do. This year, I saw a lot, I missed a lot, plus I enjoyed a lot. One of my favorite parts was meeting my online family and becoming in real life friends. Plus, I actually sewed a bit. Which isn’t surprising, when sewing-opportunities knock, I answer!

2015 been a year of collaboration and joy. I don’t collaborate with friends because we are friends, I collaborate with friends cause we are each awesome and together our awesomeness expands and fills the world with fun, sweet fun! If you sew and embrace the awesome, I invite you to join my sewfunfriends group.

Warning — this video is relaxing and peaceful, if you need for loud and rowdy, well sorry…

Just sit back watch the clouds and dream a little dream!

I leave you with this sunset and the sounds of my cousin Frank Parra singing one of my favorite songs “Sometimes I’m Amazed”.

Peace my friends!

Modified from my original post published at on October 27, 2015.