No End to the Mend

Repair and mending. Quilters toss around the saying “no one asked Michelangelo to paint the kitchen” with the emotion that sewing is viewed as less-than art. I’m guilty myself of thinking that mending is blah and sewing is fun. Repair can be more costly and time consuming than creating was in the first place. In my first-world life, time seems to be the most precious resource, but I think in simplicity, we get a little closer to humanity. I read Rose Marcario, Patagonia CEO’s article Repair is a Radical Act and loved her line — “It’s a radical thought, but change can start with just a needle and thread.”

I quickly dashed off these words at lunch today… Sewing, such a simple act with just a needle and thread. In a world that is coming undone, a few purposeful stitches might make a big difference. Here’s my wish for the world… just like we don’t call tech support, we have a few tricks when our computer misbehaves, why not some basic sewing survival skills? I call it #makeitwork for repairs and #makeityourown for styling and adapting, which often has a repair mending focus. It’s just sewing, why do we fear the mending?

Our world needs mending. I don’t have a solution. But I do have faith and love, so hope must be near by, even if it is hiding. I fear that feeling hopeful or even saying the word hope, when we as humans are hurting, is disrespectful to those in pain (which is basically all human beings who are aware). Pain is real, I hope to emotionally and in my writing, serve like first responders and run towards the danger in order to mend and break through this dark night of our human soul.

Freedom in Forgiveness 42″x 27″

Prayers for peace, perhaps the simple steady acts like caring for each other, walking, preparing basic nutrition, and sewing to mend will help connect us and give us a bit more hope.

Please share your thoughts and share a little heart!

peace my friends!

Amalia Morusiewicz

Originally published at on December 4, 2015.