That Day, That Dress — My Ode to 26 February 2015.

A spark that ignited communication beyond the virtual work, into our day to day existence. That Day, That Dress.

The irony of duality — the prose I planned to be an essay, spilled out like silk cocoon, as my fingers danced on the keyboard. For most of my life, I’ve stood in awe of those whose have lived through eras of drastic technological change. My dad’s mom worked as a seamstress, her childhood had no Saturday morning cartoons on TV — there was no TV. I wondered what our fast paced world must seem like, when digital communication took the place of paper and pen. A distant past in which, we knew those friends on our block, our news arrived on folded paper, and the lights at night were the stars and planets. We humans landed on the moon, before I was old enough to appreciate our small step. I take a leap myself, combining and creating my life as a soup or stew as I stir my words, science, art and thought.

By day I tug on the seams of science in operational engineering. By night, I look up at the same moon, attracted to her pull. Art and science together are a power of gravity and grace. I am just engineer, with a needle of steel and a heart of art, a human being, that is all.

Here’s my Ode to 26 Feburary 2015 —

That Day That Dress

Spark of Science, Allure of Art
Frayed edges, snags and lies.
Day Five-Seven of Two-Oh-One-Five
Opposing views, left and right
Blue-n-Black or Gold and White
Like insects swarming in the night
Converse and Curse across the Waves

Piercing my fibers, I form a knot
Our viral Web spun, will it stop?
Attired in questions, we cannot!
Trust we must, that which we see
Or set our sights on mystery?
Science isn’t Black or White
In packets, waves, shines both the light

Tugging a thread, I soon regret
Are Science and Art, such worlds apart?
Building blocks, unraveling thoughts
Beauty, Knowledge coexist
Woven fibers; Warp-n-Weft
Pulling Biases we must resist
Ripping our borders, edges, seams
Concealed a veil, a wish, a dream

Tricked by truth, fooled by thought
All turn and look, What is, Is not
Spark of Science, Allure of Art
With great disdain, I must confess
Unraveled us all,
That Day
That Dress.

The Dress

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Originally published at on February 24, 2016.

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