Turning Inspiration Into Innovation at the new FUSIAN Test Kitchen

KAIZEN is a word we use a lot. It’s a term we picked up early in our now 6.5 year FUSIAN journey. Translated to English, the Japanese term refers to a philosophy of continuous improvement, as-in, “today, we will be better than yesterday, tomorrow we will be better than today” The word stuck with us because the only thing we knew on May, 25th 2010 was that we loved to eat sushi, and that we had a shared vision to serve it in a way that made it accessible to individuals coast-to-coast. Our obsessive curiosity would have to take us the rest of the way.

FUSIAN Grandview will begin operating as our test kitchen beginning on Feb 5th 2017 with the launch of Inspired Bowls

Over the last 6 months, our curiosity and drive to always improve has led us to designate our Grandview location in Columbus Ohio as the FUSIAN Test Kitchen. FUSIAN exists to connect people through collaboration, culture, + cuisine. We believe that the next functional step in fulfilling our mission is to innovate our menu to appeal to more people while staying true to the simplicity + cohesiveness in ingredients and flavors we are known for. The test kitchen will serve as a launching point for us to curate, test, and assess new menu items before incorporating them into the experience of each of our current and future restaurants. This is where menu items have their try-outs.

“Our Grandview store is the perfect location for us to try new things. The surrounding neighborhood is rich with progressive palettes and a diverse base of diners willing to discover. Grandview is the epicenter of ‘Test City, USA’, the moniker NPR has rightfully given to Ohio’s center city.” Said FUSIAN Co-Founder, Stephan Harman.

With designation of the Test Kitchen, guests visiting FUSIAN Grandview will experience a new menu starting on February 5th, 2017 with the pilot of INSPIRED BOWLS. The initial offering will feature 4 inspired bowl options to fit an array dietary preferences and flavor profiles from the hearty “Highland Bowl” with sweet white rice and roasted chicken to the “Kaleo Bowl”, a paleo friendly + gluten-free option with a citrus-kale base and yuzu tossed tuna. Additionally, we will offer 4 unique inspired rolls and the option for guests to create their own bowl or roll.

We invite you to be a part of this journey to help shape the future of FUSIAN, where we’re going, what we offer, and what we will become. Your feedback is warmly welcomed, positive or negative, so please visit the link below to learn more and share your thoughts.



Zach, Stephan + Josh

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