The invaluable discard.

This is a short article which will explore the value of the discard in FIFA and specifically FIFA19.

All FIFA cards have a minimum card value and a maximum card value, for example, a bronze card can be bought for a minimum bid of 150 and could be sold for 10,000 coins (9500 after EA tax).
If you’re able to do this just once you will make 6300% profit and you will have enough to buy another 62 cards at 150.
It is a rare scenario when this astronomical profit happens, but it can be done during certain events, primarily inclusion of bronze/silver teams in Marquee Matchups (I will post a lot about this elsewhere).
Worse case scenarios
When you buy at minimum bid, for example, bronze 150, even if you quick sell (QS) the card straight away you maximum loss is 136 coins and even if you sell again at 150 you lose only 8 coins or if you are able to sell at 200 (min BIN) you will make 40 coins profit (200–5%TAX = 190–150 (buy price).
For a low rated min bid silver: bid 200 coins, QS 52 coin loss, resell 150–8 coin loss, min BIN 40 coin profit.
As you increase your coin balance through your chosen methods, picking up as many cards at discard value as you can at worst create minor losses for you, at best it can create you huge profits from time to time.

Discards as an investment.
Here is a more extensive example. Last year I noticed that the Swedish league bronze and silver players were pretty much all listed between 150 and 200, so I bought as many different players as I could.
75 players at 150 coins, a mixture of silver and bronze total cost 11,250, one of the teams from the Swedish league was later included in the marquee matchups SBC and I listed 10 players, all of them sold for 7,000–10,000 I made 60k total on these cards.
Even if I had sold the 10 cards for 1200 each and QS the rest I would have made a profit on my original 11,250.

Another higher level example of was is the market crash of the world cup mode release, which followed the Team Of The Season release, during this time the price of everything crashed, this was the best time ever to pick up discards, especially TOTS discards, because after the market recovered the profit on these discards was enormous and even if the cards didn’t rise in value, you could have just QS them and received back 20,800 if bought for min 21,000.

Discards for trading
As we’ve already seen on bronze and silver min bids, even if you sell at min BIN you will make profit, this is a great way to turn profit around fairly quickly, for example, min bid 350 on 10 golds and sell them at 450–500 that's 75–100 profit on each card, 750–1000 total on all 10 cards and with this you can bid on an additional 3 cards, when your transfer pile is full, if its constantly ticking over you can make 10k an hour fairly easily.

The discard will essentially always make you a profit if you wait for the correct sell time, so is absolutely invaluable to any trader or investor.