Craig Newmark’s 5 Things Nonprofits Should Be Doing On Social Media

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Nonprofits don’t always have the access to the leading edge of tech or traiing. So it’s good to share tips when I can. I’ve been a fan of Craig Newmark efforts with nonprofits for several years and it’s not becuase we have ever met. Note: we had spoken a few years back on a project I was working for the Health Department. Rather he doesnt stop moving. He trys new things out, samples them, then if they seem to success, he finds the right people to handle them, he reaches out to those who can benefit from his efforts, then, he is off to a new adventure to discover. Even when he didnt quite get the need, he was at least open to listening to a pitch. At least that has been my take on him

On his blog he recently shared this article. I impressed with its simplicity and clarity — sometimes these “5 Things” or “10 Ways To…” really are just a fancy way for those trying garnish more metrics and meaurements either from hits or revenue (ie SEO). No if you don’t know Search Engine Optimization (or SEO) which is really just the fancy way to figure out how to measure what you are dong online and increase impact. One of the limitations I think that SEO recommandations have is that they are more often than not — marketing driven. Weak in an understanding of communications (health or otherwise) or “call to action” from the service side. Something that I think nonprofits often need more of.

So occassionally when I come across some lists that really are content driven and have value worth sharing (and if they get Craig strong ompimazation in the mean time great!), as this one is, I’ll willing to share it out. As someone who works routinely with small health and social justice non-profits, many of which lack big funders, or in house tech — these were great reminders.

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5 Things Nonprofits Should Be Doing On Social Media

I’l not repost his list and all the content, because well — its his. But did want to tease with the 5 bullets and encourage you to check out the short read over that new cup of coffee or while waiting in line (jsut not while in your car please).

1. Keep up with the latest trends. (Not even gonna touch this one, but you can read more here on StoryTelling or my Engage Post on the Power of Telling Stories and my own ideas on that)

2. Write the content that you want shared. (That means, you have to script what you want shared)

3. Team up with allied orgs and your biggest supporters to host a Twitter Chat. (Partnerships come in all shapes and sizes — use them creatively.)

4. Don’t add punctuation to a hashtag. (I might add — think about the reasons behind using a hashtag as well)

5. Make sure your content is mobile-friendly. (Yeah — that means you might need to spend some money to redesign that inhouse template website to ensure its functional)


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