[BREAKING] Announcing The FantasyCoin (FXXX) Partnership with Leading Adult VR Platform Velvet Reality

And it matters to both viewers and creators in a BIG way

  1. Viewers get access to 100s of hours of premium adult VR content within the Fantasy virtual world.
  2. Fantasy Landowners (including both creators and landowners that are renting their property) get instant access to a worldwide distribution platform compatible with *all* VR headsets at 4K quality.
  3. The announcement comes just in time for crypto investors as FantasyCoin is offering a 20% bonus through October 16th in its Land Rush virtual real estate sale kicking off October 20th.

Today, we’re announcing our partnership with leading VR adult content platform, Velvet Reality. FantasyCoin is launching by offering virtual real estate in our “Fantasy” VR world for sale to investors who will be able to earn revenues from engagement occurring on their property. FantasyCoin is powered by Gaze Coin, a smart contract blockchain solution that measures and monetizes viewer attention (VR/AR user gaze). Velvet Reality delivers hundreds of hours of premium VR adult content and will fully integrate FantasyCoin into their platform as a payment method.

What is Velvet Reality?

Velvet is an adult VR platform delivering fully immersive 4K streaming content from the world’s biggest adult VR producers to all VR headsets and smartphones seamlessly. Their integration of FantasyCoin will take place once the Fantasy land sale is complete.

Velvet Snapshot:

  • Global mobile, AR and VR support
  • Front end applications on all major platforms
  • International back end and back office tools
  • Ability to be re-skinned; for any VR ‘adult’ channel

Why Is The Velvet Deal Important for Fantasy Land Buyers?

Velvet allows landowners on the Fantasy platform to instantly distribute content to anyone with a mobile phone via a CDN solution using its pre-existing platform. Creators, performers, amateurs or simply those wishing to have fun can offer their own content on their own Fantasy property (apartment, cinema, nightclub, boat party or warehouse) via an established, fully-functional platform supporting 4K, 3D, 180- and 360-degree videos with binaural audio. The Velvet integration into the Fantasy world also includes a marketing and billing solution that will be 100% FXXX-driven. Pending the successful completion of the Fantasy virtual real estate sale, this will be integrated in Q1 2019.

In addition to providing the delivery platform and starting content for Fantasy, Velvet will appear as owners of a number of VR cinemas and “star” apartments in Fantasy zones, including an “Alter Ego Hotel” in the Alter Ego sector (Fantasy is made up of 19 themed entertainment sectors). Visitors can seamlessly step inside these environments and earn up to a specific amount of FXXX rewards for viewing and use these to purchase premium access to long-form VR scenes.

“Virtual reality, cryptocurrency and Gaze Coin’s technology are the perfect synergy for the future of adult entertainment,” said Miranda Burnet, President of Velvet Reality. “Seamless, based on eye tracking and where the user pays for actual engagement, this technology has a run-on effect for advertisers, too. We are looking forward to integrating Fantasy Coin into our platform and ours into theirs.”

About FantasyCoin

Fueled by its own cryptocurrency, and modeled on real-life Amsterdam, Fantasy is a fully-functional, adult narrative-driven mixed-reality (VR/AR) city broken into 19 themed red-light district sectors. Accessible in VR, AR and on the normal web, the city is promoted as a virtual escape for your alter ego where each street is uniquely, tantalizingly themed and behind every window lies a different fantasy. FantasyCoin (FXXX) is the official currency of Fantasy. In Fantasy, you can follow your desires and embody yourself inside them: be a guy, be a girl, shed your inhibitions and ‘FXXX with your alter ego’.

FantasyCoin is launching with a Fantasy virtual real estate sale October 20. The sale establishes a fully functional virtual ‘Amsterdam’ on Mars — complete with a red light district. Interested parties may pre-register at https://fxxx.io.

About Velvet Reality

Velvet Reality specializes in offering fully immersive streaming adult video to any virtual reality headset. Partnered with premium adult content channels from around the world, Velvet Reality offers immersive adult content that allows the viewer to feel they are one of the characters in an adult scene. Access Velvet at home or on mobile with any virtual reality hardware on the market- to instantly stream direct to your headset.

For content owners, the Velvet Reality platform provides content partners with industry leading control over intellectual property; the video file is streamed, not downloaded- and is fully DRM protected from start to finish.