FantasyCoin Breaks Ground Allowing Creators To Finance IP By Selling Virtual Real Estate Inside Their Narrative Setting Via Blockchain

Now Game Developers, Film/TV Producers and Other Creators Can Sell Virtual World Real Estate Based On The Setting of Their Story to Finance Their IP

The FantasyCoin Land Rush Virtual Real Estate Sale Is Happening NOW

Fueled by its own cryptocurrency, FantasyCoin (FXXX), “Fantasy” is the setting of an experimental ‘choose-your-own-adventure’ science fiction mixed reality series set in a virtual Amsterdam. The story follows the adventures of Lucy (aka Riot Kitten) who, pursued by dream assassins, invents the city of Fantasy, a red-light district that requires FantasyCoin to enter in an effort to lose her assailants. The world she creates is a fantastically-designed ‘Red Light Strip’ where each street is uniquely, tantalizingly themed and behind every window lies a different fantasy. The series producers have put the city on the blockchain and are selling virtual real estate to fund the series using a blockchain ‘rent’ token.

Blockchain Rent Token: New Model for Narrative IP Financing

The land sale creates a new blockchain-driven model for financing games and other narrative-driven IP by selling a finite amount of virtual real estate inside the game (or narrative setting) to investors. Investors then earn ‘gaze’ (engagement) based rewards from viewer/player engagement occurring on their property — allowing property in high traffic areas to become valuable. Property owners may also use an ERC721 ‘rent’ token tied to their property to gain a trackable share of revenues earned by tenants.

The XR World & User Experience

Accessible in VR, AR and on the normal web and broken into 19 themed sectors, Powered by FantasyCoin (FXXX), audiences are invited to explore the immersive city of Fantasy as Lucy’s dream comes to life; a dream where stars compete to make you the subject of their desires. Step into their red light window “apartments” and become the star. There is only one catch! You must earn enough Fantasy Coin (FXXX) to stay in the story. If your FXXX runs out, access will be denied and you’ll need to earn more to continue.

The brainchild of a female designer, perhaps the most fascinating aspect of Fantasy is that there’s something for everyone in the 19 themed sectors. Sectors like “Dude Sweet” offer women the ability to window-shop for hot surfers and beach bods, while others such as “Toy Boy Women” use FXXX as a tipping currency to vote for partners they like and want to see more of. Other sectors include Bad Boys (action sports stars and other tattooed “bad boys”), Male Review (male strippers), Strut (rock stars), DJ (full of rave DJs), Lovers Guide (featuring lessons on sexuality) and Hip Hop. In time, visitors will be able to build the city into what they want it to be by using FXXX to tip talent and vote for the content they want to see in the world. There is also a ‘sealed section’ for visitors over 18 where adult content can be experienced and curated by the community — but will require age checks and verification.

The Virtual City of Fantasy Utilizes Gaze Coin Technology

Gaze Coin is a patented blockchain technology that uses eye tracking to rewards content owners for actual user engagement (in VR, users trigger content plays by looking at it). This model allows virtual property owners to earn revenues from those who engage with content on their premises. Owners of land, billboards, benches or other real estate in high-traffic areas will receive revenues corresponding to the engagement occurring on the real estate (i.e. a viewer/player watching an ad). Owners that rent out their Dreamspace use an ERC721 ‘rent’ token and earn a simple revenue share charged on all transactions that occur within the Dreamspace.

Gaze Coin is already well known for offering innovative, alternative ways to finance creative IP using blockchain. At the 2018 Cannes Film Festival, it announced its DreamCoin token, allowing film producers to sell individual frames of feature films tethered to the blockchain as quantifiable collectible items for trade as a means to finance film production.

The Sale Has Begun

Properties in Fantasy are known as “Dreamspaces” — where dreams, wormholes and content are stored. Dreamspaces must be purchased by either Gaze Coin (ERC20) or Fantasy Coin (ERC20) and then converted into a unique property ERC721 token. The Fantasy pre-sale continues on November 30 with those who register on a whitelist receiving a 20% discount., The lots of land will be sold on auction in the new year.

Register, preview the city structure and order a select number of apartments already available HERE: