The Fantasy (FXXX) Coin Land Rush Virtual Real Estate Sale is Happening NOW

What it is and what it means for virtual property owners, creators/performers and investors

The Fantasy virtual world features over 17 themed adult sectors.

On October 20, 2018, FantasyCoin (FXXX) kicked off its FXXX economy with its virtual real estate sale, where investors can buy and rent out property in the already fully-functional immersive city of Fantasy, developed by Gaze Coin. The city comes complete with a “gaze” (eye tracking) based monetization system, powered by Gaze Coin, where visitors are rewarded in FXXX for engaging with advertising and then pay to immerse themselves inside adult VR content.

As a landowner, you are provided with an ERC 721 RENT TOKEN which you can flip to adult stars, related brands and retail to occupy your premises — giving you a share of their content revenues. What’s more, FantasyCoin has partnered with leading adult VR platform Velvet Reality, which will distribute Fantasy content globally through it’s pre-existing platform to all VR headsets and mobile devices at 4K quality! This is a game changer for performers and creators, who can now stream their content 24/7 virtually to every VR platform (including WebVR for desktop and most mobile devices). For virtual landlords renting to these creators, the Rent Token is a means to earn passive, recurring, residual income (akin to royalties) providing a high return on property investment.

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