New Features That Overhaul Snapchat Experience

Being the personal favorite of the young, Snapchat never fails to announce creative new updates every now and then. After beguiling the people with it’s spectacles, they introduced four new updates on Tuesday, 13th December, 2016 to provide an amazing chatting experience to it’s large user-base. Keep reading to know the creative features you would never want to miss out on!

With most it’s features constantly being replicated, Snapchat has tried to catch up on it with now making it possible to create groups of 16 and sharing media to one’s circle of friends. Self-destructing snaps could be replayed by each member just once and a personal conversations can be easily held with one of the members without spamming the whole group.

It’s not always just about the snaps that you send on the group but also about how creative can you make them. With the exact intention in mind, Scissors and Brush are the two tool updates. With these, Snapchat is becoming more of the center of people’s conversations. Turn your normal snaps into a sticker by cutting it off with the Scissor tool! Bleeding out your creativity and making your snapchat the funniest, this is the perfect tool for you!

Art is so pleasing to the eye. Snapchat has made it possible to turn your memories into invaluable masterpieces with the PaintBrush tool. Intended to make the images look creatively eye-catchy, it’s the best for those who like to try new things on their portraits.

Does it ever happen with you that you’re out partying with your friends and don’t know what song are they going crazy over? No more!!! With Snapchat joining hands with the music recognition app, Shazam, finding out the name is just a snap-video touch away!!

Snapchat has added a newer milestone with it’s thoughtfully creative software updates that are sure mark the begin of innovative features yet to come.