Morpheus Wallet Team Interview — A new (NEO) wallet, and much more!

Before I start, the Morpheus Team and I would like to remind you to ONLY download the app from GitHub:

As an introduction, what is Morpheus?

The Morpheus Wallet is an all-in-one client side desktop wallet that allows you to store, send, receive and exchange cryptocurrencies as well as monitor and manage your portfolio. In addition, to its uniquely pleasing aesthetics, the Morpheus Wallet integrates real time price charts offering users the unparalleled ability to analyze and asses cryptocurrency price data. Morpheus Wallet also offers fully integrated hardware cold storage for cryptocurrencies, through the popular hardware wallet Ledger Nano S.”

The Team

Aaron Besson
Founder, Chief Creative Officer
Founder and visionary behind the Morpheus Wallet. Trinidadian entrepreneur, designer, developer and autodidactic. Creator, founder and Chief Creative Officer at Morpheus with over 20 years experience in user interface design, website design and development as we all working as marketing for global brands, regional conglomerates and local businesses.

Christian Stone
Partner, Chief Business Officer
Serial entrepreneur and academic with over 15 years of entrepreneurship experience in the technology, education and manufacturing sectors. Winner of the 2015 EY Emerging Entrepreneur of the year and holder a Master in Business Administration, a Master in Education, and Ph.D. Management from Carleton University, Ottawa, Canada, with a focus on Entrepreneurship and Strategy utilising quantitative research techniques.

Krs Joseph
Lead Developer
Lead Software Engineer with over 10 years in software development and programming. Highly skilled at overseeing all phases of software development lifecycle, from design to implementation having worked with the largest conglomerate in the Caribbean and as lead developer on multiple projects. Fluency in an array of programming languages including: objective-c, java, php, asp.netweb-api, cordova, phonegap-build, python, ruby-on-rails, reactjs, angularjs, algolia, postgresql, sidekiq, ruby, node, electron, mongodb, node.js, python,, javascript, angularjs, c#, azure, azure-ad-b2c, .net-core, mobx and javascript.

Tawsif Ahmed
Software Engineer
Self-directed yet collaborative, and excellent at managing the thin line between delivering in chaotic conditions and bringing engineering discipline. Quick to learn with proven ability in diving head first in new domains and technologies of varying nature.

If I’m not mistaken you plan to add other coins in the future as well next to being very focused on NEO and GAS?

We plan to focus on NEO/GAS and the NEP tokens, but we have had a lot of requests to support other tokens such as Eth, LTC and ERC20 tokens and will work to support those later in 2018.”

Why specifically have you chosen to develop NEO/GAS first? Is there any reason for that?

Well, that is a simple answer, I am a long time Antshares/NEO HODL’r and wanted to build myself a wallet that would eventually have all the features/functions of the 4–5 apps/websites I would visit/use every day. I shared the mock-ups and prototypes with friends online and in various chat groups and people were basically demanding I build it. So Morpheus was born. As a company we were attracted to the possibilities for growth on the NEO platform. Features like Neo Identity, Neo X and Neo smart contract open up the possibility for us to develop a lot more than just another wallet by either developing these technologies ourselves, or working with businesses that have developed these API’s to allow users to do much more than simply send and receive digital assets.”

As of this moment, what is currently possible with the Morpheus Wallet?

Current Wallet Features:
• Receive and send NEO and GAS tokens at no cost to the user 
• Securely store currencies through ownership of your private keys 
• Securely login with private keys or encrypted private keys
• Ability to claim and store cryptocurrency rewards (GAS) through NEO ownership 
• Easily and at competitive rates exchange your NEO and GAS tokens for multiple alternative crypto currencies through the integrated Changelly and Shape Shift applications
• Track the price of supported cryptocurrencies and visually display the price history with integrated real time graphs
• QR code integration for ease and speed of use
• Review transactions on blockchain explorer
• Integrated Ledger Nano S to easily transfer to and from cold storage

I’d like to point out, next to the wallet features, how neat the wallet looks and feels, a few examples:

In addition, what does the future hold for Morpheus?

As seen on the projects page on GitHub, there are quite a few features in development and plans for the future. Just to name a few:

To Do’s

  • ICO token sale template
  • Automatically claim GAS
  • Price Notifications
  • Added 2FA for withdrawals
  • Portfolio charts
  • Advanced Trading View Charts

In Progress

  • Add NEP5 token support
  • Finish Ledger Nano S integration (send option)
  • Update Changelly (pairs)
  • NEP → Coin Market Cap
  • Drag and Drop Dashboard

And last but not least, exchange Integration

  • ShapeShift
  • KuCoin
  • Binance
  • Loopring
  • NEX

For more information:

Morpheus Website:
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Morpheus GitHub:

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